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No need to fill out long forms or spend hours on the phone. We use external databases to answer most of the more time consuming questions.


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Most businesses receive an instant quote from our insurance partner, Markel Insurance. If your case needs extra review, this typically takes 30 minutes or less.


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After you add your bank or credit card details, contracts will be emailed directly to company officers. Once electronic signatures have been received, your policy will be in force on the date selected.

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Pay As You Go with no installment fees

No matter how big or small your premium, you can improve your business cash flow by paying monthly with Huckleberry

  • No down payment (just pay first month’s premium)
  • No credit card or installment fees
  • No paper bills
  • Works with most payroll providers

Powered By Data Science

There’s a lot of information already out there about your business. Huckleberry’s proprietary software crawls the web and integrates directly with third-party data feeds to complete your application automatically and identify discounts.

With Huckleberry, filling out endless, tedious application forms is a thing of the past.


Backed by giants

Insurance is underwritten by our partner Markel Corporation, but you’ll always have a friendly, licensed Huckleberry agent to guide you through the process.

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